rich and wide range of housekeeping & cleaning items for home, hospitals, hotels, restaurants & institutions




    Best Cleaning chemicals and products such as Floor cleaner, Handwash, Dishwash, Room Freshner, Glass Cleaner, and many more

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  • Disposable Tissues & Paper

    Disposable Tissues & Paper

    Selected Quality Products to use daily life, We have products including Napkin Papers,Toilet Roll, Mfold Towels, Face Tissues & all.

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  • Tools and Equipments

    Tools and Equipments

    All types of cleaning equipments are available for your total cleaning problems. You can choose from Tools & Equipments, Brushes, Plastics utilities, etc.

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About Us

Considering the housekeeping products requirements of hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, institutions and industries, Mr. PRAMOD PRAJAPATI started his own business in this field with the name- Om Sai Enterprises (OSE) in 2015. Based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India), the Wholesaler, Distributor, Manufacturer & Trader deals in a variety of cleaning and housekeeping products, like Floor Cleaner (Perfumed and Concentrates), Handwash, Room Freshener, Glass Cleaner, Liquid Soap MultiPurpose, Dishwash cleaner, Detergent Powder, Naphthalene Balls, Colour balls, Urinal Screens, Chemicals for swimming pool cleaning, Cleaning Tools like Dry/Wet mop Set, Caddy basket, Wringer trolly, Broom, Wiper, Squzee and many more.


At Om Sai Enterprises aka OSE , we provide a clean and healthy work environment through a combination of highly trained staff and great customer service experience. We distinguish ourselves by establishing a customized quality control program for each client. Since, 2015, OSE, has provided janitorial and grounds maintenance solutions for our customers.

OSE is committed to using the latest and most effective systems available to clean and sanitize the work areas where you spend much of your time. By using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our mission is to positively impact the quality of life of:

  • Institutions owners we service by delivering detail-oriented, consistent services.
  • People we employ by providing stable jobs with reasonable hours and wages.
  • Future generations by using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
Why Us

O.S.E. Cleaning Enterprises is into trading of all kinds of housekeeping products and equipment, meeting almost all cleaning and maintenance requirements. These quality tested and approved products are highly demanded all over the country for easy use and effective results. The vendors from which we source these products are reliable names in the market.

  • Products address building cleaning & maintenance requirements
  • Meet professionals to commercial applications
  • Teamwork is our strength
  • Products & equipment at best available prices

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Floor cleaner

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Dry Mop Set

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Wet Mop Set

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Floor Cleaner cons

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